Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful for Holiday Weekends!

We did plenty of this: (the eating, I mean)

and enjoyed becoming re-acquainted with the Canadian branch of the family.
It was fun to be together with all SEVEN of them again!

The eating just never stopped.

(Thank goodness!)

The games were fiercely competitive.

(In a relaxing sort of way)

On Holiday weekend mornings, Mr. W. cooks breakfast.

His Speciality?

Pancakes with add-ins.

Anything is fair game.

Below you'll find strawberry, chocolate chip and m&m.

Kids love this man on Holiday weekends.

Can you blame them?

I love him, too.

I especially love having the morning off.


There was PLENTY of play time.

One little cousin (in purple and black) just couldn't keep her hands (and lips) off Mr. M.!

He kept coming up to me to wipe his mouth on my shirt.

I didn't get it until I saw the farewell smooch.

It was lengthy.

Then I understood.



THIS crazy mama stayed at my house and cleaned until she could clean no longer!

(Then she fled)

Seriously--if you want a fridge to look like it stepped off the showroom floor, invite this lady to sleep over.

And mention that you'd like some help with your counter clutter. She's magical.

I'm having her over again. Soon.

If your Holiday weekend was half as calorie-filled, fun and full of laughter, it must have been fabulous.


Schenewarks said...

You did have a very fun, crazy, memory filled weekend. Wish I was there to be a part - I ate way too much as well, but it was all great, no regrets. Love you! Amy Jo

Becky said...

I had a blast...thanks for letting me snap the whip Friday. :) You ARE the 'hostest with the mostest'! The fridge cleaning was small repayment for the excellent company. Mr. W is a fantastic breakfast chef! Oh...and thank R and A for accompanying U. Steve at 3am on black friday.

ChefTom said...

Looks like you all had fun. Wish Becky traveled, I could use the organizational help.

Jane said...

MMMMMMM those pancakes look the best! I need to tell Jim about the add ins. We usually just stick with bananas and pecans. I am sure the kids would love M&M pancakes.

Looks like you had a great time!

Christy said...

Wow, I just make blueberry...I need to be more experimental...So glad for you and a nice clean is a rarity!