Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No more READING!

At night, that is.

This is what happens to pretty little 7-year-old girls

(when they read and read and read at night, instead of going to sleep!)

Trust me, blog-readers.

There is nothing I would like better

than to read and read and read into the wee hours of the morning.

Reading is my love. (One of them)


My tired eyes can no longer endure.

I am jealous that the eyes of the 7-year-old CAN endure.


She can NOT go to school with this look:

the bloodshot eyes.

the disheveled hair.

We women need our beauty sleep.
So I have told her.
When I turn the light off, the light is off.
Then I go back to check, and she is curled up sneakily, under the light, reading.
Who can blame her? The world of reading is like no other.
So are you okay with this look?
Because I've been reading lately.
And night time is reading time.



Aaron H. said...

disturbing. could have done without that image.

Cathy said...

Is that why you are called Mrs. Hot Hair?
We have reading issues at our house too. So glad this is a short week of school.

LL said...

You really are Hot Hair! What big eyes you have!
I wish, I really WISH I had shared this love of reading. I can't read late, I just go to sleep...then my book falls and hits me on the face.

Schenewarks said...

Scary! You guys look so much alike! So glad E likes to read, although I also know S and A do as well.

Becky said...

LOVE.IT! You make me laugh. I do share your love of reading but with Ben's party schedule, my eyes are blood shot already. :) Rock on Mrs. Hot Hair.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Love the look! Isn't it worth it for a good book?

ChefTom said...

Did you get your hair cut, such a subtle change I almost didn't notice.

Marilyn said...

I fall asleep if I try to read at night. Actually, I think it is great, there are much worse problems to have with your kids!

Christy said...

What big eyes you have is right..
the better to read at night with my dear! It is a tough call..let them read (which teachers pound into us) or tired morning.

The Mormon Monk said...

Jen--love the pix, but what I want to know is...What are you reading?

smart mama said...

you are so funny- i can't read much at all these days without immediately falling asleep- oh to be young and not teaching sem...