Saturday, November 8, 2008

bags packed

... and we're ready to go!

So I'm signing off for a few days,

and will be back to posting next week.

TO the ocean,

to the coast.

There will be plenty of lobster to eat,

and at least one morning to sleep in.

time to reconnect

and read

and talk

and sleep.

Ogunquit, Maine!

Here we come.

Weekend away.

for TWO, thank you.

Happy birthday to us.

Happy ANNIVERSARY to us!

and I'll tell you something about it when we get back.


LL said...


Jane said...

Have the most relaxing time ever.

Becky said...

we'll miss you and seriously sorry about you having stevie on your birthday. i am sorry. have fun and try to relax - your kids will be well taken care of.

ChefTom said...

Have a great weekend!!! Can't wait to hear about "some" of it, like the lobster....mmmm with butter

Cathy said...

Luckeee. (in my best napolean dynamite voice)