Wednesday, November 5, 2008

summoned: part II

The afternoons around here get a little crazy.
Three shifts of kids coming home from school,
homework to do, places to be, activities to remember...
and for those of us not napping, it can get to be cranky time.
Today went pretty smoothly;
I was feeling on top of my game--
no sickness in sight,
weather is pleasant,
potentially cranky kids are occupied with fresh air and swingset,
stew was made and biscuits were in the works.
I excused myself from the mayhem to use the bathroom upstairs.
(Pardon me for talking bathroom, but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to share)
The phone rings, and S. picks up.
Apparently the person on the other end is summoning ME.
S. knows that when someone is in the private zone, you politely and discreetly sidestep the inquiries as to the whereabouts of the person in the zone, and take a message.
The caller, however, was NOT going to be put off for later.
She is a frequent caller (ought to have accrued plenty of free merchandise for the number of times we hear from her).
She knows the pattern of my life.
She KNEW I had to be on the premises.
Poor, polite S. was suffering, and I could sense it.
She was standing outside the bathroom door uncomfortably trying to persuade this caller that a message really was her best option at this point. Bless her. I could tell she was using her best phone manners. And she was NOT wanting to disclose my whereabouts. But Miss Caller knew if she pressed long and hard enough, she would finally get what she wanted. (WHY, OH WHY are people LIKE this?!) I gave up and told Sarah to come in and hand me the phone. She had that tortured look on her face like 'but MOM... you're in HERE!' I motioned for the phone and she gave it over and left.
Here's what happened.
I said 'Hello, G. I'm on the toilet. The one in our bathroom. S. has been politely trying to take a message, because in our house, when you're in this room, you're not available to talk on the phone. So now that we're all in here together, how can I help you?'
She said her face was hot and red.
And that she was SO embarassed.
I would hope so.


ChefTom said...

Classic! Good job on setting the record straight.

Jane said...

That is awesome!! I hope that the person got the message loud and clear. I think it is great that you shared your where abouts with her. hee hee!

Becky said...

ROCK ON! I love the back bone that you possess. May you share some of that SPINE with ME?

ellen said...

Keepin' it real!!

Michael Stokes said...

and to think, Mr. W is working hard by the beach in Florida. I know if I call him it goes to....vm

In our house I couldn't get anybody to ever answer the phone. Time to retrain the kids or go to FLorida

LL said...

THIS made me laugh...I sit and talk ALL THE TIME, is that wrong. no really, I'm glad you let her KNOW. good stuff, thanks for the laugh

shirlgirl said...

That is a classic, as noted by Tom. The nerve of some people, honestly. I hope the caller got the message loud and clear and that she doesn't press on again as she did to poor S who was trying so hard to be nice. People like that don't deserve "nice"--Loved your comments to her.

Smilin' sunshine said...

That is priceless! Bet she'll leave a message next time!

The Mormon Monk said...

This is beautiful!

Schenewarks said...

Thanks for being honest!