Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Racing Sophie

 Meet Aaron.
He's my brother.
He invited us to spend Conference at his house, which also meant participating in his special conference tradition:
Racing SOPHIE around the house
between the sessions.
Meet Sophie.
She's FAST!
 There weren't many rules;
the runners even got a head start.
 Sophie was held back until the first runner made it to the corner of the house.
 The chickens were confused.
 The runners were FAST!
Not so much.
 In the end?
Sophie won.
 We LOVE traditions!
Especially at conference time.


shirlgirl said...

She certainly has LOTS OF ENERGY!! It must have been a barrel of laughs racing Sophie. Gracie is just plodding along. Hope Sophie had a nice long nap afterwards. I'll bet everyone else was ready for one.

ellen said...

Most people eat cinnamon rolls and stay in their pj's all day...

The Mormon Monk said...

How have I never heard about this tradition? How was it not in Aaron's letter? How have I never participated in a Sophie race?

The Renaissance Man said...

love it. Now the question will fill my mind of whether or not I can beat the sophster. Just wait sophie. . . this summer!

The Renaissance Man said...

Uncle Aaron could start a bail bond business with that first picture. . .

Doran & Jody said...

LOL Fun!
My dumb dog (cat) wouldn't know what to do. However she is good to run and HIDE when the grandkids come over.

LL said...

i'm with the chickens! :-)

Jo Jo said...

Hah! Good times all around. The house. Very funny tradition! Love those kinds!

Becky said...

Great Tradition!

Emily said...

Hard work for all including Sophie!