Friday, September 23, 2011

Dog sitting

Gracie is back. She's here for a visit.  She knows the drill.  I'm pretty sure she thinks she's one of the kids. She runs eagerly to the end of the driveway each morning, and waits for the big yellow bus to appear.  Then she tries desperately to climb up the steps after all the kids get on.

Gracie is SO very happy when they return in the afternoon, that her little bum wags back and forth in excitement.

My bum probably wags a little, too.


LL said...

Kristen's back end gets pretty wag-y too.
Who wouldn't want to be greeted by a wagging bum?!

Jo Jo said...

Hah! I bet your kids enjoy her as much as she enjoys them.

Melanie said...

So cute! I have a lot of friends that didn't grow up with pets and just don't see the appeal. I love animals though - the unconditional love of a dog is one of the joys of life!

Alana said...

Better your kids than mine. Mac just wants to love her to death. I'm sure its very exciting at your house for Gracie.

shirlgirl said...

Gracie is so cute. I'm sure everyone is enjoying her visit. And, she does have a cute bum, doesn't she (Smile)!