Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GREEN ...with SPIN-vy...

 We spent a day at Canobie Lake Park earlier this month, and started our fun with a ride on their newest roller coaster:  Untamed.
The kids got back in line several times.  Once was enough for me--I liked it, but I know my limits.
Later in the afternoon, one of the kids talked me in to riding the X-treme Frisbee.  I guess I thought I knew my limits...
note to self:
I should have quit at Untamed.
I felt *ill* for the better part of the afternoon.
(thank you to Mesquite, my sweet and thoughtful fan of preserving-the-moment who clearly was feeling a blog coming on, when she used my cell phone camera to record history)


Jenny said...

I love the compassion oozing from my kids in that last shot! They were really concerned; AND really sweet.

Aaron H. said...

What day goes by when some member of the Whitcomb family is NOT thinking of a potential blog post? Dare I say, none?

LL said...

and I'm laughing.
Only because I know the ending...and you are fine.
But how cute are they, gathered around their mom, worried about her.

shirlgirl said...

You were brave to even go on the roller coaster--not me!! I know my limits before I even venture out. I rode the roller coaster at Nantasket Beach many years ago and screamed the entire time. My poor date ended up with an ear ache the next day. Never again!

Cynthia said...

Boy! Can I relate to that one! I let my son talk me into going on a spinney carnival ride last year. By the end I was breaking out in a cold sweat and barely hanging on to consciousness. I spent the rest of the evening in bed! I am sure I looked just like you do in the photos!