Thursday, September 22, 2011

the blessing of little boy stuff

Last night on the way home from soccer practice, we found this official business going on adjacent to our neighborhood:
so of course I felt it my duty to ask morning boy if he wanted to walk over and check it out.  (I was so happy he said YES!)
 There, on top of engine 3, was Peter, a friend who graduated from High School with Yonder, all grown up and being a fireman.  It made me realize that it really did feel like just yesterday, I was holding Yonder's hand and walking down Page Street to watch the bulldozer doing some official work in someone's yard.  Time flies on wings of lightning; you can not call it back... but I'm grateful for the gift of recall, AND for being lucky enough to have another chance to share my love of boy stuff with another son.


LL said...

I love boy stuff!

Alana said...

My boys would have loved that sight. they would have been entranced. It is nice to have someone to share it with.