Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The church of Lambda Delta Sigma

Sunday we attended church meetings in Amherst.  Many times when we've driven to Enrique's dorm at UMass, we've passed the church building and pointed it out to the kids.  So many times, in fact, that when we turn onto Sunset Drive, they start to mock us:
"Look kids, there's the church building in Amherst!"
Sunday morning as we turned onto Sunset, one of the kids said "Aren't there Greek letters or something like that on the church?"  Then it dawned on us.  The church is set back off the road in a residential area, and when we would drive past the building, this precious, precious child was seeing the house along the street that was visible in the foreground.  EVERY time.

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LL said...

there are people that worship there...i'm sure.