Monday, April 30, 2012

beisbol: la próxima vez que use protección contra el sol

I do LOVE the Monday missionary email!!
Here's a short excerpt
from Yonder's letter today:
"We played baseball today with several stakes and I got recruited. They played serious! Hired umps, full-out clothing and kept fields. I got toasted but had a fun time."
I'm pretty sure he's given up on the idea that he'll ever be tan.
He just may be the fairest one of all.
(I love him so!)


Jo Jo said...

Wow. That's some sun burn. Fun activity! I'd be looking at the blog all the time as well. He is a cute thing, and your cute thing #1 is coming home soon! Tanner mentioned the other day how sad he was that he'd be missing his homecoming. Four years is long!

Sherry said...

Hoo boy! If you sent some sunscreen in his next care package would he bother with it? I feel like such a mom, but I don't want him to get skin cancer!

Alana said...

If two years in Panama can't tan that boy, I don't think anything short of spray-on tan will. Love the man card!

LL said...

Man card! FUNNY!
How is it possible that he will be home this year?!

shirlgirl said...

He's too fair-skinned to get tanned and hopefully is using sun block. He is so handsome!