Wednesday, April 11, 2012

overheard in the laundry room

(from my sick bed, while under the influence of cold medicine)

Mr. Dub: Mesquite, come in here and help me.
Mesquite: what do you want me to do?
Dub: help me put away the laundry; this is girl stuff.  I don't know what belongs to who in here.
Mesquite: Just throw the stuff in the baskets.
Dub: But this is underwear! I don't know who it belongs to... and what if it's yours?  I don't want to touch your underwear...!
Mesquite: Sometimes I touch your underwear...
Dub: Gross.
Mesquite: You do what you gotta do, and you just don't tell anyone.


Smilin' sunshine said...

That is hilarious!

LL said...


Michael Stokes said...

noun: a spiny tree native to the south-western US and Mexico, yielding wood, tanbark, medicinal products [mostly hallucinogenic], and edible pods that taste bad.

Ok mom, why Mequite? spiny tree? mostly hallucinogenic? or edible the taste bad?

inquiring minds :-)

Darleen said...

Even from your sick bed you still remain on top of things. Impressive!!

shirlgirl said...

Sorry you are sick--too much Easter, perhaps? I love the conversation between father and daughter--too funny! Maybe initials on the underwear for future "filing"!! Hope you feel better soon.

Swimmingmom said...

So so funny!!!!! Classic conversation. Hope you are feeling better.

Doran & Jody said...


Jo Jo said...

That was a brilliant response! I'm so sorry you're sick. But that made me laugh!