Friday, April 27, 2012

dinner and some espanol

We had tacos for dinner tonight, so maybe that's why things got a little spicy.
It started with personalizing the tortillas--
Padre tortilla.
Probably in honor of our padre, who wasn't there to partake.
Then there were the dance moves to the tune of sacapuntas, using stools as props; only they looked more like walkers, and the kids like feisty senior citizens.
I pointed this out, and it morphed into the race of the nursing home patients, as they hobbled behind makeshift walkers and completed the circuit.  Sometimes the humor gets irreverent.
I'm not very good at stifling my giggles.
The tune of sacapuntas isn't on the top ten list; it's the kids' favorite word in Spanish, and it's like music to their ears.  It means pencil sharpener.  These guys are not the red hot chili peppers, but their moves and tunes are caliente.


shirlgirl said...

You should have taken pictures of this entertainment tonight. They must have looked funny.

Jenny said...

Aunt Shirley-
I thought about it, but sometimes a camera kills the moment. We don't have pictures, but the memories are lasting.

Jo Jo said...

I'm thinking I might agree with pencil sharpener. That is one cool word! Tacos sounding good about now ;-)

LL said...

We had tacos twice this week...once for real. and then once for leftovers.
there was no singing or mexican racing or anything exciting....there was moldy cheese! does that count?

Becky said...

I hear you shout that on the soccer field. :)