Monday, April 23, 2012

UMass Concert Band Spring Performance

He's my FAVORITE trumpet player.
It's always good to see him.
Yesterday we made a trip to Amherst.
He really performed well, and all of the pieces the Concert Band played were top notch.
The concert was FANTASTIC.
 He made principal player (first chair) for the trumpet section, which is notable as a freshman. (He's in the red tie below)
 He had a solo in one of the numbers, and was also recognized for his service to the band.
 After the show, we met him at the band building on campus for some mingling and refreshments.
Also some of what Roonie called "voo doo rituals."

We love Enrique!


LL said...

I'm loving blue team #4's hair...(can't remember her nickname--is it Stacie?!) ;-)
Go team.
Go Band!
Go Voo-doo rituals.
Great day!

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations, Enrique! Glad he's enjoying the band. Love the family picture--and great spring colors, too. Where is Mesquite? Is she taking the picture.

Alana said...

Wish I could have heard him wail on his horn. I'm sure it was great.

Jo Jo said...

Laughing at stacy! I was noticing her hair as well. Beautiful! Although since this post is about music and your son, I will say yeah to that as well. Fun field trip!

Becky said...

Love the family photo at the end. One of these days I'd love to hear a concert of his...