Friday, November 30, 2012

The pit stop

Whenever we drive to Virginia, we can all agree on one thing: Pennsylvania takes FOREVER to get through.  At least once per trip, we hear the following:
"Hey (insert name)...? What's the biggest pencil in the world?"
after no pause whatsoever, everyone inclined to answer says
Somewhere in the middle, we found a giant Cabela's store and decided to stretch our legs there.  I had never been to a Cabela's before, and initially it felt a little like wandering through a museum, with all of the animals on display.  The boys found a lot to look at (and touch).
We managed to stay together for about the first ten minutes, and then the guys became so engrossed in what they were doing, (ogling hunting stuff, mostly) the girls lost interest.
 I found it funny that the benches placed through out the store were filled mostly by waiting females. Usually, when you hit a large store or mall, it's the menfolk who do the sitting and waiting.
Not here.  Not this time.


Alicia said...

Both times we have driven to/from Virginia we have stopped there! This time is was great because we let Parker run laps in the deer room!!! Next time you are close to a Cabella's you should try their fudge! Yummy!!!

shirlgirl said...

The girls look bored except for Mesquite who is on her phone. Goodness, what would these children do without their phones in this day and age.