Sunday, November 4, 2012

not so extraordinary

In the second grade there was no dressing up for Halloween.  When this guy came home from school with a long face on, I thought for sure it was because not having a costume parade at your Halloween celebration is LAME.
Not so.
They worked long and hard preparing for their Word Parade--second graders are still happy to just have a parade.  M. picked his word and worked very hard to make his parade regalia look GOOD.  
His post parade report was that there was another second grader who picked the SAME word.  Worse, apparently, than having someone pick the same Halloween costume.


Jo Jo said...

Oh, Sawyer would feel the same way! I'm feeling his pain over here! And he's so extraordinary to boot!

LL said...

Blond boy is THE only EXTRAORDINARY in our book!

shirlgirl said...

No wonder he looked so sad. He looks awesome, though. I agree with LL.