Monday, November 12, 2012

A meal for the homebound

Today was BEAUTIFUL.
We hiked in short sleeves and stayed outside as much as we could.  We had to cancel an appointment with the dentist and the eye doctor (I can't find my car keys).  I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch, but she came to me instead.  She brought me a terrific turkey sandwich.
We sat outside for more than an hour and laughed and talked.  It was a great day.


LL said...

two of my FAVORITE rsp's.

ellen said...

That looks like a power lunch meeting.

Jo Jo said...

I'd lose my keys more often! I always have Hunter drive to school so I don't have a car to tempt me, and can stay home more!

shirlgirl said...

Need to put them on a hook!! Or, have a second set somewhere. A wonderful turkey sandwich for lunch sounds awesome, and glad you had fun. I know how much you love to go to the dentist--did you lose your keys on purpose?????? (Smile)