Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr. Dub's cake

Mr. Dub has a good mom.
Every year she makes his favorite cake and mails it to Massachusetts for his birthday.
This year was no different... it arrived right on time.  Fig cake with mocha frosting.
Now that's love.


shirlgirl said...

Well, isn't he special!! I've never heard of fig cake. It looks like it made it from Virginia to your home in perfect condition. What a nice gift.

Aaron H. said...

Who's the guy with the beard?

The Mormon Monk said...

Rockin the beard, Dub! Love it. I would join you . . . but i still work at BYU.

LL said...

Mocha frosting sounds SO YUMMY!!!
Do you have the recipe?

Jo Jo said...

Are you serious? Fig cake? Mocha frosting? Do you like it? Can't you make it? I've answered my own questions ;-) Happy Birthday to the man at the top! So glad I'm not the oldest!

Alana said...

We are having birthday cake here tomorrow except his will be the opposite of Dubs- heavy on the decoration and light on the yumminess.