Wednesday, November 7, 2012

it's muh burfday

Having teenage children is excellent.
They bake cakes,
put together meals,
ban you from the kitchen
and come up with fun extras:
birthday crowns
and thoughtful gifts like
protective underpants.
 I also got a very special hand-carved bar of soap from the proud owner of his very own pocket knife.
 Turning 48 means you don't have to stand near the fireplace to stay warm... I was able to bask in the light of my birthday candles.
 I set my hair on fire as I struggled to blow out the inferno in a single breath... 
Who needs TV when you can get this kind of entertainment around the dinner table?
Happy burfday to ME!


shirlgirl said...

Looks like you had a fun time--that's a lot of candles, too. Almost no room on the cake for them. Loved your crown!

Aaron H. said...

Protective underpants! HA!

Janssen said...

Happy birthday!

LL said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday to YOU!

Jo Jo said...

Take those pants back! That's awfully expensive! Happy Birthday! You're my better half!

Alana said...

NICE! did they really put 48 on there? I love the depends. I'll be needing those any day now. Did you tell them you wouldn't need protective underwear if it weren't for them?