Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jury Duty and maybe that's all

So..... I've been absent for a while.  Who knew that so much life would fit into such a fast moving chunk of time?  So much good and so little time for blogging.  It's been a lovely blur of family, traveling and holiday. Yesterday I waved my magic wand and wished simply for a smooth morning.  Off I went (before my youngest two left for school) to the Worcester Court house to do my civic duty.  There's been so much more than that... I did especially enjoy flying under the radar for a while, as the un-chosen potential jurors were dismissed for the day at 11:25 am.  The rest of my whereabouts and elusive activities may remain an undocumented mystery unless I am able to discover a slot of time big enough to blog delicious details.


shirlgirl said...

I'm sure you were happy about that. I was always pleased when they sent us home. As they say, many are called but few are chosen--that fit right into my book!

ellen said...

Sames. I had jury duty the same week as you.