Monday, March 12, 2012


 In our neck of the woods, felling a tree is a notch on the man card.
It also means being one step closer to
 we gathered to watch (from a safe distance)
 The tree went down... and then got caught up in another tree.
Mr. Dub thinks it's funny when he calls this scenario the widow-maker.
Me?  Not so much.  But I'm married to just about the most cautious man on the planet, and he also happens to have some decent tree-felling skills... and a few manvotionals about his experience in the woods, a good friend who loves to help, and Big Betty(his trusty chainsaw). Call it the art of manliness.
Or just call him Uncle Buzz.
Two trees for the price of one, and they hit the mark.
Now Dub's got a couple of seasons to prepare the timbers and frame up the blacksmith shop.  He's living his dream.


Aaron H. said...

Who is the visiting child from Iran? Nice burka.

LL said...

I wonder how it would be if we were neighbors...I'm willing to bet our husbands would play together more than the kids.
I agree with that "widow maker" name. When I hear Farmer outside with the chain saw, then the house shakes as the tree falls, I stand there still until I hear the chain saw start back up again. Scary stuff--but they love it!