Friday, March 9, 2012

Tinkerbell sweatpants

Things I do:

-Wake up at 5am to make breakfasts, pack lunches and see my kids off to seminary and school.
-Stay in my pajamas (most days) until the last shift is out the door.
-Walk the elementary group (third shift) to the bus stop in the morning.
-Wave to the kids as they ride off to school, enjoy a quiet breakfast and get about the business of my day.

Today my elementary school daughter told me I could stay inside if I wanted, instead of walking out with her to the bus stop.  Her eyes kept darting to my Tinkerbell sweatpants.  I just winked at her and smiled, and said I'd be happy to wave from the window. Reminds me of the time I went to Target in the wrong clothes.  Having daughters keeps my sense of fashion in check.


Joy said...


LL said...

as my teenagers would say,

Becky said...

How come my daughter never keep me in check? Should I be worried? :)