Friday, March 30, 2012

four girls, one canoe and a Friday afternoon

Four eleven-year-old mates gathered in the backyard, hungry for a canoe adventure.
I will admit:
I hesitated before giving permission.
I wasn't sure they were old enough...
But OH!  They had fun.
They paddled over the beaver dam and out to "the island."
I had them in my sights, unsure at first, and then happy to sort-of be along (on shore).
They laughed and squealed and worked together.
They saw frogs and crayfish, ducks and a great blue heron.
In the end, they ALL came back.
A little soggier than they went out--they swabbed the poop deck and had great tales to tell.
Thank Goodness for Friday afternoon!


Jo Jo said...

How fun for those that lake of yours!

shirlgirl said...

What fun for them! That's what being a kid is all about--lots of adventures.

Becky said...

So fun Jen!!!