Monday, March 19, 2012

Girls Don't Fly

 This was the perfect weekend getaway book.
I LOVED it.  I didn't start out loving it, but it just kept getting better.
I can't count the number of times I laughed out loud.  The author's voice perfectly conveyed the feelings and emotions of a High School Senior who wants to fly, but is strapped down by circumstance.
The chapters were on average about two pages long, so I could walk away from the book a hundred times and still finish it in the course of a couple of days.
I REALLY liked Girls Don't Fly.
Did I already say that?
I also really like:
 spending a weekend staying up late
sleeping in
taking pictures
reading in the sun
hanging out with someone who enjoyed doing the same things (this is her picture of me)
my new mustard flats
being home again.
Happy Monday!


LL said...

you and I have matching mustard flats!
sounds like a GREAT weekend--hooray.

Doran & Jody said...

I will have to put this on my "to check out of the library" book.

I just checkout out THREE on Friday and a friend gave me one. I have to hurry and read that one first so she can pass it on to her daughters.

It looks like chores will be put on hold for the next couple of weeks. Shh....don't tell daddy. Oh wait, he already knows. He's the one that took me to the library.

Becky said...

The shoes. Love them.

Jo Jo said...

Okay, the shoes were my favorite. Lame I'm last. Will read!

Janssen said...

Just requested it from the library!