Wednesday, March 28, 2012

once upon a chuckle

tonight I read a bedtime story to my boy.
we got to the part where the sister is leaving notes complaining about the selection of snack foods in the house.  She complains that she doesn't really care for plain potato chips, and could the new housekeeper please buy the barbecue kind that she prefers.  At this point, I'm really siding with the main character, and feeling slightly annoyed at the sister for being so snooty and persnickety.
We then learn that someone else has been licking the barbecue flavor off the potato chips and putting them back in the bag. 
Now THAT's awesome... and then I just couldn't help myself.
and I couldn't stop.
Instead of finishing the story, we shared a good, hearty laugh.
Then I tried to remember any naughty food adventures I was a part of as a child, and I just couldn't come up with anything (except what I avoided eating, like breaded fried liver bites) partly because I have inherited my dad's memory genes and partly because we were just too dang poor to have things like potato chips in the house to begin with.  Never mind a housekeeper.
a good story + comic relief = AWESOME.

Now fess up:  are you the one that eats all the chocolate bits out of the trail mix, leaving peanut crumbs and salty raisins for the rest of us?


Primarymary said...

I used to east the charms out of Lucky Charms and leave the cereal.

LL said...

My kids know that St. Pattys day is the only hope of Lucky Charms because they pick out the good stuff.
As for me, if there is a bowl of mixed nuts, I might eat all the cashews.

Cynthia said...

I would like to confess on my sister's behalf. On the rare occasion that we had a box of chocolates in the house my sister would nibble the corner of each chocolate to ensure she got the ones she liked. The rest of us were stuck with the half-chewed leftovers!

shirlgirl said...

That's funny, Jenny. And yuk to the breaded fried liver bites--I never liked liver and to this day will not eat it. Funny post.

Jo Jo said...

Excuse me? No food stories? Not even the half-eaten french fries? Or the half-worm you found in your apple you bit?