Saturday, July 9, 2011

supper time!

This morning, I had help from my 
professional weeding crew 
(the kids)
and by half past ten, (ta-dah!)
both vegetable gardens were weed-FREE.
We enjoyed fresh sugar snap peas in our meal, 
and the garden zucchini made her debut as well.
I do love eating from the garden!
(I do NOT love finding bags of rotting potatoes in the bottom of my pantry)


Smilin' sunshine said... looks good, even if there is green stuff in there!

shirlgirl said...

Looks good. Sorry about the bag of rotting potatoes--need to check the pantry floor once in awhile!

LL said...

looks YUM! I love garden dinners.

Alana said...

Great picture with the sun and the steam.

Jo Jo said...

Me too. On the fresh veggies. Mom had at least three to pick from every dinner. Yum!