Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Meet Vanessa

 Welcome aboard!
 Traveling with seven people ANYwhere is an adventure, and our new ride, Vanessa, makes togetherness a bit more tolerable.
 She's roomy.
 She's our newest family member,
and we appreciate her amenities.
 There's plenty of room to spread out
 without losing that close family thing.
 The view is good
 no matter where you sit
 and we especially like 
the remote and automatic features

 She's a good fit. 
You have to be fast to get the "good" seats.
She's comfortable and tolerant of our antics and noise.
Welcome, and thank you Vanessa.


Aaron H. said...

I still think it's lame that you got the same car as mom and dad.

ellen said...

What's the cup holder count?!?

word verification: BINGO

shirlgirl said...

Enjoy your new wheels!

Alana said...

Seems like everyone is ditching the airport shuttle bus. First Rich, then you. Looks like a nice ride though.

Becky said...

Your van is like...FANCY! :)

Jo Jo said...

I love that color blue. Cute VAN name. You guys are stylin'!