Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the MAN

I wish I had a picture for this post.
I really do.
Our pediatrician (remember:  we have SIX kids, so we get to know our pediatrician WELL) is AWESOME.  His name is Dr. Man.  It really is.  He lives in our town, so he knows the schools and the teachers and the nuances of our small community.  He likes tropical birds, rides a Harley and gives out BIG candy bars on Halloween.  He has a good sense of humor, is pretty laid-back and has been a great advocate for our kids' health.  
When Yonder was headed to Panama, he bent over backwards to help with required vaccinations.  He calls us at home to follow-up on visits or concerns.  I really do appreciate having a doctor who knows the kids personally.  When our little morning boy was a pirate for Halloween, he asked if he had a parrot for his shoulder.  When the reply was "no," he donated a stuffed parrot, and we sewed it on.
This week I have been toiling over paperwork to get Enrique ready for college.  Some of what is required includes a medical form from the university, detailing immunizations, and requires a physician's signature.  It's not due until the fall, but I really wanted to follow the suggested guideline of having it completed in time to take to the orientation (which is happening this week).  I wasn't going to stress about it, but I took the copy of his immunizations to the library to copy, and thought maybe I might have time to stop by the doctor's office and get a signature to go with it.  Yesterday morning I walked in to the library and headed directly to the copy machine to get started, and guess who was standing right next to the machine perusing the audio books?
Dr. Man.
I laughed, greeted him cheerfully and told him I had a paper for him to sign.   He kind of chuckled back and said he was really good at signing things; then I said "No, really.  I need you to sign this form for college."  While he signed it, we had a conversation about how he was picking out audio books for his two week vacation (which started that day).  He and his wife were riding their Harleys to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and were listening to books along the way.
I told Mr. Dub the story that night and said that finding him there was like MAN-na from heaven!!
He's the Man.


LL said...

Why are you making copies at the library?

We ran out of ink the other day, I need copies asap, so I ran to the library. I wondered if people still went to the library for copies. Now I know.

And I also know that it certainly was in your favor!

Melanie said...

Riding a Harley on the Blue Ridge Parkway while listening to books - sounds like the perfect vacation to me!

shirlgirl said...

Good thing you went to the library or you would have had to wait until his return from vacation--nice that you ran into him. Must have been a little birdie who whispered in your ear! That's quite a trip he and his wife are taking--hopefully the weather will be awesome for them and that they have a great time.

Wiggles said...

Love the Man-na from Heaven!