Monday, July 11, 2011

New England Bedrooms:

They do not come with lighting.
I have not been able to figure this one out.  
In this corner of the world, we have somewhat of a reputation for the brilliance of our educational institutions and notable history.
Somehow, bedroom lighting did not make 
the list of things at which to excel.
Have no fear, 
I have my own personal super hero to right this wrong.

 I hit the jackpot when it came to handy husbands.
His latest weekend project has been to install ceiling lighting in all of the upstairs bedrooms.
We have been en-LIGHT-ened!
 Am I not the luckiest?
He's our own Captain Marvel.
 Let me point out that working in the attic on a day when the outside temps are hot and humid is no picnic.
Let there be LIGHTs!


Smilin' sunshine said...

We did the same thing....except we did ceiling fans! But isn't it nice to have light!!

Jeannette said...

our apartment is the same way! so frustrating. question: you say husbands, plural...something we should know about?;)

Jeannette said...

helps if i actually read! i just noticed my mistake, dur.

LL said...


shirlgirl said...

Yes, you are lucky to have a great handyman around. I'm sure everyone will be happy with new ceiling lights. Nothing like brightness in a room.

Alana said...

Woah, I'm impressed. Want to pass a little of that know how on to our family?

Jo Jo said...

Yes you do have a super man. Never noticed there were no lights! But now I do recall a lot of lamps!