Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Panama: from East to West

In this last update, Yonder leaves the Eastern part of Panama and says adios to an area and a companion that have treated him well.  Also, to great families he has enjoyed spending time with like this one, who will getting baptized after he's gone.
(That's a happy face that makes my heart swell.)
At a farewell barbecue, they roasted this 118 pound pig.
(I find it so nasty, I can hardly keep my head pointed straight at the computer screen while I'm writing this)
And the beast while it cooks.
I know this is right up his alley.
If it makes Yonder happy, then I'm happy.
 He rode seven hours to the west by bus to arrive in David, his new area.  He is in a smaller area called Las Lomas.
 The area may be small, but the bugs are NOT.

His new companion, Elder Villalobos is from Costa Rica.
Time keeps passing, and he is having amazing experiences!


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, this is why I'm glad I live in the 21st century. If I had to kill my own meat, I'd most definitely be vegetarian. This is certain to make a great mission story though.

LL said...

that pig...and that pole.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Wow, that is some pig!

Jo Jo said...

But roasted pigs are the best! That is one big bug. He's the best.