Sunday, July 10, 2011

I got a new dress and wore it to church.

Honestly, it was like Brave New World: Church Apparel.
I don't usually have many conversations with fellow church-goers about what I choose to wear on any given Sunday.
While women really know how to pay a compliment; 
Wow!  That dress is so pretty!  
I love your dress! 
You look great in that dress!
The men brave enough to say something made comments like
That dress is blinding me!
 you know those things you look through with all the colors that shift around and change shapes?
(yes, a kaleidoscope) was kind of like that every time you stood up and moved around--I got dizzy.


Smilin' sunshine said...

They seriously said that?? Rude.

I like the dress!!

LL said...

You make them dizzy?! I think it's a compliment. :-)
You look great, I love the dress.
Did our Stake RS Pres. make an appearance in your ward? She's the BEST!!! Hope you were able to visit with her.
Let's get your RS and our RS together soon :-)

ellen said...

tres cute. i love it.

The Mormon Monk said...

Boo, Hiss on the men. I LOVE polka dots--and that dress.

Darleen said...

LOVE the dress--very flattering! You look gorgeous (as always)!!!

The Mylers said...

Well I think you looked gorgeous, and my husband pointed your dress out to me first thing when I walked into church. He really liked it and he noted how elegant you always look in church-so sorry he wasn't brave enough to tell you in person.

Becky said...

I LOVE it! Where did you find such a fab dress?

Janssen said...

I LOVE that dress.

Jo Jo said...

It's a great dress. Love those lines. Hope you have some fab blue shoes to match.