Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Summer Thursday Night

Note: Count the Melchizedek Priesthood Holders in this photo.  
There are SIX!


LL said...

As a side note...I think your polka dot dress and the Mr's tie could cause a LOT of dizziness in church. That tie is snazzy. I like it!

LL said...

AND that youngest Melchizedek Priesthood holder is looking mighty handsome.
What a neat day for your family!

Alana said...

So Gabe says to me yesterday as he is eating his watermelon, " Mom, this is the best snack day EVER!" I told him I'd pass along the compliment.

Jo Jo said...

Gabe cracks me up. So nice that so many were in town. We didn't think to have Tanner done this summer. Actually didn't know it was suppose to be done before they went to college. Wonderful times.