Friday, July 8, 2011

on my drive to UMass

 Three days this week, I drove 90 minutes through
RURAL America (awesome!) to get to and from college.
It was a feast for the senses.
This farm was on my list of favorites.
 If I were to give in to Mr. Dub's wildest dream 
(and we were to buy a farm),
this would be in the running for a name.
This gorgeous abandoned building was on a road that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "long and winding road."  It was really fun to drive on!--all down hill towards the university; made me wish I was in a convertible or on a motorcycle or a bike.  Since I wasn't, and the sun was shining, you better believe the windows were open and the wind was blowing through my hair.
It made me chuckle with delight to take in the pastoral surroundings on my commute each day.  Towns like Shutesbury, New Salem, and one of my personal favorites: Leverett.  Rolling farms!  Endless wooded acres, lakes and vistas, with not a single person in sight until I reached Campus Drive.  Dorothy and Toto were probably lurking somewhere in the bushes on the perimeter of campus.


ellen said...

Can I ride with you one of these times? I see some photo ops for me!

LL said...

sounds lovely!

shirlgirl said...

I agree that country roads are beautiful to drive on--the vast openness of the countryside just gives you a great feeling. Glad you had such a fun trip.

Jo Jo said...

Ellen made me smile. Keep clicking. Like your style. And finds.