Friday, July 22, 2011

speaking of HOT...

Guess who scored a goal at tonight's soccer game?
(Really, it was a fortunate event, in that I happened to place myself right in front of the goal in time to tap in the cross from my fellow team mate, who did more running than me on this 100+ degree night...)
I was just trying not to pass out or vomit from heat exhaustion, and got lucky.
It was the goal that tied the game, and we all walked away feeling less like losers and more like, well, equals.
And it's Friday night, and there's nothing ahead but husbands returning from the west coast, and Kimball's and a Saturday morning sleep-in with the A/C on.
Life is GOOD.


shirlgirl said...

You had to be out of your mind to play soccer in that heat! The game should have been called off--too dangerous. One of the things stressed on the TV was NO EXERTION, keep cool, drink plenty of water. Glad you are o.k.

LL said...

You're on FIRE!!!

Becky said...

Imagine the damage you could have done had you REALLY played when you were younger. Congrats!