Wednesday, January 28, 2009

While you were....?

This is what we were doing:

(Where did January go?--bits of the month have disappeared into the memory banks.)

Discovering a very large beaver-gnawed tree in our backyard,

babysitting a darling little baby,

Making our driveway look a little less like the arctic north and more like a driveway

(before the next snowfall),

More baby oogling,Sledding with cousins

sliding into the big backyard;

And drying LOTS of snow gear in front of the cozy fire.

So what were you doing?


Becky said...

"i'm a woman now, mom" - classic! tell her to stop growing up so fast!!! :) great sledding hill, where exactly IS that? we have been doing lots of the same, minus the baby oogling and discovering beaver gnawed trees and chipping ice off our driveway, and we've been skiing instead of sledding. :)

shirlgirl said...

That is serious ice in your driveway! Hope you can get it all removed. I am sure that yesterday didn't help. The picture of Mr. M with the baby is adorable. He is so cute. Glad everyone is having such a fun time in the snow. Plenty of it this year. Yesterday I worked on figures for taxes, did a load of wash, knitted, watched some TV, fixed dinner, did a little shoveling of slush and put down salt. My neighbor did most of the shoveling for me/us. Today I put out more salt and this afternoon chopped some of it up. Not like yours, though. The walk to my backyard is a sheet of ice. Wore my YakTraks and spread salt on it but not sure if that will take care of it. Need some warm January days.

LL said...

BUSY January.
While you've been sledding, I've been making birthday cakes and FREEZING!

Marilyn said...

sewing, but that looked like a lot more fun.

Anonymous said...


my favorite slide down the hill was when I went so fast I slid head first into a snow and Mom thought I got a concushion.