Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ignore the chore

What do you do for fun after dinner?

Wait... let me rephrase that: How do YOU avoid your kitchen duties after eating?

I'm off to church for a meeting.

That's how I'll get out of doing the dishes tonight.

(and amazing spouseman will come through for me! THANKS.spouseman.)


Michael Stokes said...

Life is fun with a house of girls.

Of course the dishes are still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Jenny let me tell the world how you avoided the dishes....It was called the bathroom...strange do you remember avoiding them?

Becky said...

Hey...I want the dancing queen at MY house. (love the improv dancing in the beginning by Abbey) Cute! :)

LL said...

cute girls...I think dishes should ALWAYS come after dancing!
I avoid dishes by not making dinner.

Jo Jo said...

I had six boys. One to clear, one to rinse, one to load, one to empty, and one to set. I avoid touching dishes if at all possible, clean or dirty. Just joking. That's the perfect plan. Loved the dance, especially the shot of big sister. And you do have a good spouseman.

Aaron H. said...

8 out of 10

shirlgirl said...

Great video. The girls sure do have rhythm. My brother used to head for the B.R. every time dishes would have to be done. I told him that they'd be waiting for him when he came out--and they were!! I don't mind doing dishes. Like to have a clean sink. When I cook, Uncle David does the dishes. So, cook all the time and have the man in the house do the dishes!!

smart mama said...

that was the best part of being a yw pres- getting out of dishes!