Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can't name this.

I smell pee.
Not in the typical places, either.
I won't spell it out--(but maybe I will)
suffice it to say I'm not pleased.
The urine odor does not seem to be of the human variety,
and it does NOT belong in the vicinity of my ~hello~ PIANO that-I-love!
Nor on the wood work nor in the 'action' nor in any other piano-ish place.
I put myself in a time out.
I divorced myself from mean thoughts about felines.
I sprayed, wiped, cleaned and did it again. and again. and again.
I even went to the basement and lovingly cleaned out their litter boxes.
and fed them.
I think we're going to be okay.
I don't want you to tell me what I should do with those c-a-t-s's...
BUT; I would be interested in hearing about something that gets your goat.
and then what you do to feel better. Hearing about your pain will lessen mine.


Marilyn said...

We just put an electric blanket in the kittly bed on the porch and she is happy and roams the neighborhood and no pee smell at our house.

Becky said...

Jenny...I feel your pain. Animals are a love/hate relationship. (mostly the second for me...) Hopefully your cleaning did the trick. What gets my goat?'s too early, my brain's not functioning, I'll have to come back to this. :)

Michael Stokes said...


You know, that trite phrase that well meaning people say to others wrestling with a problem.

NO, I don't want patience I want answers … No I want to fix the problem and go on to the next problem.

I am of the Elder Maxwell school, "Lord give me patience … now."

You asked :-)


Jo Jo said...

Read my blog today. Feel my pain. Open your door. I'll have to close mine.

Smilin' sunshine said...

EEWWWW. Hate that smell, not that I have ever had a cat, but we lived in a house where the neighbors had cats and let them roam and they chose to use our yard as their litter box.

That is one thing that totally miffs me!

shirlgirl said...

Do you have one or two litter boxes for the cats? You should have one for each cat. Also, they should be scooped every day as well as washed out with hot soapy water and bleach once a week. Cats do not like dirty boxes and this may be their way of telling you that they want things clean. I have never had a problem with my cat, and she will be 17 in March. I use a wonderful litter that is expensive, but is easy to scoop. It is called "The World's Best Cat Litter". It is made from corn kernels and when she pees, the liquid forms a scoopable mass and the rest of the litter remains clean. I used to use Tidy Cat and that was messy. I am very happy with this litter. I buy mine at Roche Bros. It is over $8. a bag. When you have 9 UPC codes, they can be sent into the company and they'll send you four $1 coupons. I like to wait until it goes on sale, which isn't often, and use the coupons at that time. Sunday's paper had a coupon for $2 which is great. You could probably go on line to find out where you can buy it. Also, PETCO carries it. You can buy the large bag, but I am not sure what the cost of that would be. It's certainly worth a try, and keeping the boxes clean should eliminate their peeing elsewhere. Love, Aunt Shirley

The Mormon Monk said...


Maybe not good timing, but I promise to come stay at your house if you kill/dispose of the cats...

ChefTom said...

You can read my blog, The thing that gets my goat more than alomost anything is to see those we have elected ingoring the constitution that they took an oath to support. I get more angry at every dollar wasted and every special intrest catered to. I am becoming more and more active in the conservative movement to save the greatest country on earth.

Christy said...

Yuck Yuck Yuck! I hate that smell more than anything. Clean cold air may freeze out the smell!
Our "animal" takes diapers under the bed where I can't reach, so when I retire, whiffs of her chewed remains drift over my pillow. supposedly PT'ed child didn't quite make the potty, got to go. (I hate bodily fluids!)