Wednesday, January 7, 2009

help wanted

I need a personal assistant.
School's been back in session three days, after three weeks off.
Seriously. My life is in need of some organization.
Is there one of you floating around out there looking for a cause to adopt?
Because mine is up for adoption. I need help.
Someone who can tell me where to put my stuff so I don't lose it,
when to go to my appointments so I don't forget them,
and how the heck to put away my holiday cheer in containers for next December.
Organization is a problem.
Oh. and could you be on call to run the forgotten lunches to various schools and also to take children to dentist, doctor, dermatologist and orthodontist appointments? And dance lessons, basketball practice and friends' houses.
Because I'm too busy to allow them to play with their friends.
Then there's the housework.
If you were here, I might be able to make dinner and keep up with the laundry. But I'm not so good at enforcing the 'make your bed' rule. Let's add that to YOUR list, too. And would you be so good as to remind me to drink my water and squeeze in some time to exercise and read?
I'd also like about 30 minutes a day to sit at the computer. Guilt-free.
Oh. And I can't pay you.
When can you start?

P.S. I pre-posted this blurb. And this very morning, I woke up to a SNOW DAY! It was like a vicarious personal assistant being dropped into my lap. No school, no activities, no appointments, no youth activities tonight. I played trains, made pancakes for breakfast and stayed at home ALL day. And I got to read a book AND everyone was told to make their bed. (But if you still want to adopt me, I would willingly submit.)


Becky said...

Did you have a good snow day? We were COLD up on the mountain, but we had fun anyway. I'm TIRED!

ChefTom said...

See my offer in the 22 minutes post, I will adopt you.... but!

Marilyn said...

Wow, I am tired just reading all that. I think I am good just taking care of Mr. S.

LL said...

wish I could offer my services...problem is, I have four little shadows. We would just ADD to your chaos~but it'd be FUN!!!

Cathy said...

I hear you! My house was Soooo clean today. Thanks to no school and young'ns desiring some Wii time. I even got a nap!

shirlgirl said...

If I lived closer, I'd love to help you. Next time I come to visit, we'll make it a working visit. The weather has to be much better than it has been, that's for sure. I was doing some cleaning out and tossing stuff at church today. That was fun! Should do more of it and get that place organized. Glad you had some time to yourself yesterday. I stayed in as well and put the Christmas stuff away and then found four things that were still hanging up. Never fails. Now I have to find a place for them. Nothing ever goes back into the same box. Oh, well. Murphy's law.

smart mama said...

snow days are a gift form god- it's like a day of sudden freedom!