Monday, January 12, 2009

quote of the night

Tonight we stumbled through our family night as usual... so many people, so much to say... it's a good time. After M's lesson on the Creation, it was E's turn to pick the activity. Have you ever played 'Do you Love your Neighbor?' It's a family night classic.
Everyone sits in a seat with one person being 'it' in the middle.' The way it goes is this:
'it' picks a person seated somewhere and asks 'do you love your neighbor?'
if the person says YES, then his two neighbors (the people sitting on either side of him/her) get up and trade places while 'it' tries to take one of those seats, making a new person 'it.'
(are you getting 'it?')
It's a kind of brutal repetitive game, really, that turns us into primitive apes fighting for grunting rights. Oh. And if the chosen one says 'NO' then 'it' asks "then who DO you love?!"
That person then comes up with something clever like
"I love everyone who forgot to brush their teeth this morning" or
"I love everyone who is wearing purple underwear" at which point any person falling into that category then jumps up and scrambles for the available seat. Hopefully you get the idea, because just writing this thing is getting tedious for me.
So we're well into our evening, and some of us are growing tired of lifting our tired behinds out of the seats. Mr. W the adored spouseman is 'it.' He picks the little M--who props his cheek on his hand to think. Mr. W. is trying to quietly prompt him to say something that will force lazy teenage brothers off the couch, but M the morning man is not going for it. He pauses for a painfully longish time, and then says "I love everyone who has NAKED hair!" (and apparently that is M-speak for YOU DAD... that's YOU 'cuz your bald head in my four-year old little mind is NAKED!)

Love the thinks of a 4-year old morning guy.

OH. and lest you think I forgot, I did NOT. At a time to be disclosed later this week, I will be announcing that give-away!


LL said...

this made me laugh out loud. LOVE that.
Do you love your neighbor is SUCH a fun game, whatever you do...don't ever play it w/ Smart Mama. She's vicious!
Love the 4 year old mind...I'm sure he keeps you laughing. Thanks for sharing him with us!

Smilin' sunshine said...

He is funny! I don't think I have ever played that game. May have to try it!

Christy said...

Awesome game for any age that is for sure! As LL said, adults can get somewhat FORCEFUL during this game. I've seen it in action!

Sweet little M! So honest!

Jo Jo said...

Love M speak as well. What did Mr. W do? I think that would have been a great way to end the game!

Becky said...

FUNNY! May I call him naked hair next time I see him? ;0)

ChefTom said...

Four year olds should run the world. We would never go to war because they forgive as quick as they get mad and they always say and do things that make you giggle.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

Oh! I love that game! Did you ever play Fruit Basket Tipover? Another similar but less exciting version. And Mason is soooooo cute!