Tuesday, January 6, 2009

things to look for

1. humor in the everyday
2. the bright side
3. Spring

Did I tell you the story about the cold, windy day and how I decided to send a team of delivery children to the mailbox with some Christmas cards that are still trickling out of my house, the telephone/internet/cable bill and the mortgage payment? Let me emphasize for you that the wind was WHIPPING! And then let me add the detail that our mailman had delivered the day's mail before the little do-gooders got to the box. They followed instructions: the mail came out, the delivery went in, the flag went up. They made the wintery journey home. Two hours later I retrieved the small stack from the mailbox on my way out to run some errands. I figured I might as well stop along the way and drop the envelopes off at the Post Office. At this point, I look at the stack and it feels smaller. Something doesn't feel quite right. But I go, and deliver, and there is a nagging thought in my head that I ought to look at the checkbook when I get home, and recall which bills I was sending out that day. And. Well, after determining the MIA status of the envelope containing payment; the sinking realization that the mortgage payment flew from its assigned route to a wintery fate... I gathered my children (and the friends they had over that day) and we made a lengthy trip to forage for the stray mail. Under every bush and around every corner. In every adjoining neighbors' yard. To no avail. Then it snowed. A lot. I have made a staunch resolution for the new year: never EVER put your mortgage payment into the hands of anyone who has never made a mortgage payment before. Especially on a blustery day when the walk to the mailbox feels extra long, and something like you're forging through a northerly blizzard.

When Spring rolls around, I'll be keeping my eye out for something other than daffodils and crocuses. And maybe one or two of those late Christmas cards.


ChefTom said...

I have never had to forage to find a stray bill payment in the snow, but I did singe my fingers on my mailbox last july.

Marilyn said...

I like the new blog look. Recommendation, I pay almost all my bills online now. I don't have to pay postage and I can pay it exactly the day I want the money to transfer instead of wondering how long it will take in the mail. I also learned awhile back to not trust the mail to kids when Christy got it once and a large check was dropped along the way (luckily I spotted it later).

Smilin' sunshine said...

I agree with the comment above! Bill Pay is one of the greatest things ever invented. No stamps, no check, nothing lost.

Try it, you might like it!

Becky said...

Amen to bill pay...jump on board Jen. You have CABLE internet now...you'll save $60 a year (so I've heard) by not mailing your bills. :) Sorry 'bout that.

LL said...

I think I need to join the rest and pay my bills online, what an easy thought!
Well, I had a $200 check from the church (pay back for a christmas party) well, the clerk (aka the farmer) LOST it on his way home. SO, at this point, I'm thinking my kids might have been more responsible! :) Hopefully mine will turn up in the Spring too. April showers bring May martgage payments.... :)

Jane said...

I don't have a lot of luck with kids and mail. I have found it in very strange places.
Maybe that is where you christmas card is...lost, or ummmm late, I am glad to hear you are still getting yours out, I am still working on mine!

Chris said...

Jenny! I stumbled upon your blog today. Do you remember me? Chris(sy) Renaud-(Cogswell). I would love to hear from you! My email address is cogsbear@comcast.net I am also on face book. You and your family are beautiful!