Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to 'BE' Saturday.

This is the ultimate weekender.
He has Saturday down to an art form

Here are the rules:
1. Start early. Enjoy Saturday while it's still REALLY late on Friday night. Watch a movie, play a game, read a book. Doesn't matter--just do it until you realize that it's no longer Friday night. Then retire.
2. Sleep late. To do this effectively, there are a separate subset of rules:
*protect your sleep. (wear earplugs, a mask for sleeping, have white noise on)
*make sure the people who share your abode are aware of your desire to sleep-in (signs on bedroom doors threatening those who interrupt your sleep are at least comical, if not effective)
3. Enjoy a breafast you like at your leisure. It might even be lunch time before you're putting breakfast in your mouth!
4. Wear comfortable PJs well into the afternoon. Maybe even all day.
5. Defend against bed-head: wear a hat with character.
6. Above all, BE Saturday. No week-day rush, stress or worries.
It's a beautiful thing.
OH. Here's the big P.S.--don't forget that tomorrow night is the deadline to enter the first-ever Daily Blessings Give-Away! and good luck!!!


LL said...

this boy is on to something. My kids pay NO attention to the signs on my door. Although, this morning not a creature was stiring until 8am. That's sleeping in for me. and I loved it!

shirlgirl said...

"A" is certainly enjoying the moment. Enjoy the weekend, too. Don't forget to put my name in the "pool". I wrote my letter and it is on its way to Florida.

ChefTom said...

I will have to try to "Be Saturday" soon, looks like fun.

Jo Jo said...

This is so Adam. Very descriptive of him, and so true!

Jane said...

Him and Dallas would make great friends. He is Mr Saturday too... He likes to think it is Saturday any chance he gets. I think all of winter break he thought it was Saturday.

Your Mr Saturday is very Handsome. It is so fun to see all of your kids grow up.

PS I just got a message from Angela Goguen on facebook. She has 4 kids! Wow makes me feel even older.

Marilyn said...

I probably shouldn't admit it but I fall into category 4 many days of the week. I am trying to do better.

smart mama said...

I love this- one of mine was sharply reprimanded for the 3x sat am sleep interruption! Must teach!

Christy said...

My kind of living!
Hope you are able to partake too!

Anonymous said...

He must be a chip off the old block. It seems to me that YOU used to do the BE Saturday thing as well. I remember staying up late at sleepovers in your room and tormenting Amy who was already asleep :D Still makes me laugh.