Sunday, August 10, 2008

UTAH rocks!

We have been on a National Parks BLITZ!
It's amazing... North Rim of the Grand Canyon on Thursday,
Bryce National Park on Friday, and
Zion National Park Today!
We are park-exhausted!
But OH the beauty and majesty of this place!
I can't WAIT to get home and show you our photos... or maybe I'll figure out how to load them away from home.
At bedtime tonight, Mason asked if we could just go to that tunnel one more time, instead of going to church.
ROCKS everywhere! And they're the most unique and amazing spectacle... everytime we turn around, we're looking at a different landscape! UTAH rocks. I mean the rocks. They rock. God's hand is in this place. We feel blessed to be witnesses to this marvel that is Southern Utah... photos soon! (I promise!)


smart mama said...

so glad you are having fun- i do love gorgeous rocks as a child i had some geologist aspirations

ChefTom said...

Glad you are having fun, I used to love to take my motorcycle on road trips up there in the late spring when the dessert was in bloom.

Joy said...

So glad that you love our State, sad that we are so close yet we can't get away to drop by and say Hi. We have been thinking of you all and the fun you must be having.


LL said...

ROCK ON JENNY and crew!
sounds like a good time

The Orton's said...

Can't wait to have you back home. I've missed you....