Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to ...

Here's the newest 10th grader...
off to confuse his teachers with his stripe and plaid combo
(to his credit,
he didn't put the sweatshirt on
until he stepped outside
and felt how COLD it was this morning!)

The BIG senior! The '1' for only ONE MORE YEAR TO GO!

No more school bus for these guys--the seminary and soccer schedules mean driving your own truck to school! Sweet deal.

and speaking of sweet... here's our new 7th grader!And last, but never least, the 4th and 2nd grader off to the bus, accompanied by Mr. Morning himself. You'll feel the enthusiasm in in the video below...

Hooray for starting another school year!


LL said...

Jenny. you blog always makes me laugh.
Your kids looked GREAT on their way back to school, I always love the back to school pictures.
Enjoy the quiet time, just you and Mr. Morning. funny little guy!

ChefTom said...

Your girls didn't look too excited to go to school. It is always fun to send them off to school for the start of the new year.
I only have one more year, and then both of mine are in school.

The Coopers said...

No Jenny, this cant be, theyre all so old!!! I cant believe how grown up everybody is from when I last saw them, I cant believe all but one is in school, with one graduating this year, its madness!! But they all look great, I cant wait to see you all soon:)

Becky said...

I'm so sorry you had to start the school year today. I'm SO dreading the morning when our school year starts. I love how happy Mason is and what an awesome school bus driver you have! (did you wear the pillow???:) Our bus driver seriously needs a does of Mason because she is CRANKY!

Tina said...

JEN!! Wow!! My beautiful and handsome nieces and nephews are adults!! What the!!?? It's not even going to be funny when i see them next year and i'm down on the ground and they're touching the sky...Oh dear!! Oh how i miss them...and I LOVE Mason, i need him in the morning!! :)

Give my love to everyone!!

Christy said...

Was it me or was the 4th grader a little apprehensive to get onto the bus? Summer is closed behind those yellow folding doors! I can't fathom all the kid stages you have to keep track of...my hat is off to you..I am a little scared for that day.
(I always felt that driving to seminary was well worth not having to ride the bus!)