Saturday, August 30, 2008

Snow Canyon

But the first question that came to mind was:
Where's the SNOW?!
It was really hot in that place!
(Be patient as we re-visit more of our favorite summer vacation)
Snow Canyon is just northwest of St. George, UT
We LOVED hiking on the
Petrified Sand Dunes!
A HOT, but very cool day.
Roger climbed into a cave and found the perfect 'recess' in the rock wall to rest his long body
I couldn't stay away from my 'ranger-ish' guy--
he's a man who can wear a hat well.
(Plus I enjoyed hanging out in his shade)
There were the coolest rocks to climb!
The landscape was So different from New England
It was hard to leave!
We were SO thankful to spend time together
in that fabulous place.


ChefTom said...

I think that SNOW is buried under the mountain instead of on top of it... LOL

Becky said...

Ya...why the heck IS it called "Snow Moutain"? Was it named after someone? By the the heck did you manage to be there when no one else was? It's looks like you guys had the WHOLE place to yourselves. Was that the case? (if so, how cool was that)

Becky said...

Did I just say "heck" twice in my comment? I'm off to wash my mouth out with soap...oh and I love my sentence "it's looks...", can you tell I'm up WAY past my bedtime? Good grief!

mckell.b.p.55 said...

That is sooo funny! It is beautiful down there- but in a totally different way from New England! And it is SO hot- :)