Thursday, August 1, 2013

A (return) trip to Panama

These two are off for the next two weeks on a service trip to Panama.
They're going as volunteers to work in a local school in Macaracas.
More than a year ago, Mesquite mentioned wanting to take a service trip before her last year in High School.  Last summer she had the thought, did some research and had a timely conversation with Emily, one of her young women leaders at church.  Emily happens to be a High School Spanish teacher, and has had experience leading student service trips in the past.  She offered to help make it happen.  Mesquite and Emily worked together to organize the excursion.
AFS Intercultural Programs is the trip sponsor, and it just so happened that they were sending students to Panama this year.  A year ago when Emily got the ball rolling, she had no idea she might end up nine months pregnant on departure day.  Yonder got pulled in a few months ago to lead the group, and is excited to be headed back to the area where he spent two years as a missionary.
They're off!  Nine students and the returned missionary.
Go forth and SERVE.


Melanie said...

Wow, that's a big responsibility! Have fun!

ellen said...

They'll have an amazing experience.

LL said...

Seriously so cool!