Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UMass New Student Orientation - Enrique's favorite summer job

When did Enrique become a JUNIOR in college?!?
He has found his niche at UMass.
This summer he worked HARD to help shepherd many groups of incoming students through the process of orientation:  finding their way around campus and class schedules, meeting their peers, learning about housing options and getting excited about their lives ahead as new freshmen at college.
The bonus?  He got PAID to do it.
 He LOVED his job and was good at it.
 He worked hard, made new friends, helped new students, didn't get much sleep, earned some money for that upcoming tuition bill and unlike his grueling warehouse job last summer, he had FUN.
We're happy to have him back home for a couple of weeks before he goes back to both work and school.

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The Mormon Monk said...

Am I allowed to laugh that right after "He loved his job and was good at it" comes the photo of Enrique with a table full of GIRLS?