Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We've got some catching up to do

Have you ever met up with an old friend and felt like you just needed to sit for a few hours and catch up?  
That's how I'm feeling about my blog.  
There's a connection here that I've been missing, but right now life in the fast lane is just not permitting me to pull over.  
Really, it's more like being on a thrill ride.  
SO fun, but not enough time to chat.  So... a quick summary for now, and then hopefully some catching up during the pit stops of this wonderful busy summer.
I spent last week with my three daughters (Heaven!) at Girls Camp.  Best place on earth for a week in the summer.  More posts about Girls Camp down the road.  
We left camp in time to make it to Boston to be at the temple 
where my sister Becky and crew added another family member for eternity.  
I love sweet Jo-Joe.
This week my twin sister and her family has arrived from Ohio 
for a visit (Heaven!).  
Yonder pulled in from the wild west while we were gone...
and yesterday we gained Enrique back from Amherst.
We're ALL together again!! (H-E-A-V-E-N)
Meanwhile, there's soccer training, 
a service trip to Panama in the wings 
and lots and lots of gathering.  
I love it.   


LL said...

I think I'm on the seat right behind you (with my hands in the air) on this summer thrill ride....
I'm loving it, but WOW, I could use a nap :-)

LL said...

and that pic of you with the parents and sisters is fabulous. It was nice to see you guys for a few minutes!