Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Home Teachers Came Tonight

Another thing I love about being a Mormon:  we have "home teachers."  Our home teachers visited us tonight, and we were thrilled to be able to sit outside in the beautiful weather.
Two home teachers are assigned to each person or family in the congregation; these two priesthood holders visit their assigned individuals and families each month to help and support them.

Included in this regular visit is a message of spiritual instruction that is adapted to meet the needs and concerns of the individuals or families. Home teachers also make sure the temporal needs of the members are taken care of.
Jay has been our home teacher for MANY years.  His specialty is making sure visits include his jumbo-portioned home made desserts.
We are well-loved and well taken care of.
“Home teaching is one of our most urgent and most rewarding opportunities to nurture and 
inspire, to counsel and direct our Father’s children. … It is divine service, divine call. 
It is our duty as home 
teachers to carry the divine spirit into every home and heart. 
To love the work and do our best will 
bring unbounded peace, joy, and satisfaction.” 

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