Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2nd gets me reminiscing every year

Funny, the things you remember:
In fifth grade I made friends with a bubbly brown-haired girl named Juli Hancock.  No 'e' on the end--just J-U-L-I, because she was named for the month she was born in.  Her birthday?  July 2nd.  I've never forgotten.  Here I am at least 37 years older than fifth grade, and almost every year, I think of Juli on July 2nd.  She said her parents called her their little firecracker, because she was born so close to July 4th.  She was a fun friend.  I remember spending recess laughing with her at Belmar Elementary school.  She introduced me to gymnastics, which I enjoyed right through the 9th grade.  I think she must have moved away not too long after fifth grade, and we never stayed in touch.  There's not much else I remember about fifth grade, except wearing a dress made out of our living room curtains when I sang at the fifth grade bicentennial concert.  That may have been the year my younger brother broke his two front teeth on the school trampoline.  It was 1976.  Happy Birthday USA, and Happy Birthday Juli Hancock, where ever you are.

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Aaron H. said...

Have you done a Facebook search for her? Might find her...