Saturday, July 13, 2013

swimmer's [f]ear

She asked through the crack in the door -
"Are my shoulders 
I paused to consider...
"No, honey, 
they definitely aren't.  
Why do you ask?"
"Because I'm a swimmer"
came the reply.
And the conversation flowed...
She from her side, 
and I from mine.
We talked about swimming 
and muscles 
and how it all works.
Her tone relaxed.
And she left
away from the doubt
and me
in awe
of how easily 
she lets me 
be the expert.

I love her confidence.
I love being her mom.
I love her questions.
I love that our trust bucket is full.

Poor Leeli came down with a rotten case of swimmer's ear on Wednesday. I guess she's been thinking a lot about the side effects of being such an excellent swimmer.  She insisted on persevering through her lessons.  Bonus points.  By Friday, she really wasn't feeling so great.

Now we're hoping she'll feel better SOON.