Friday, July 19, 2013

it's H-O-T, but we're C-O-O-L (the week's wrap-up)

ONE MORE DAY.  That's what the weather man says.  We're almost through this heat wave.. We've endured six days of temps in the nineties (a couple of times I caught the thermometer sneaking past the 100 mark) with some oppressively HUMID air.  It's what I like to call breathing in pea soup.  WHEW!  It's been HOT.  My brother Aaron and I played in our soccer game tonight, and by the end of the second half, we were all a little over cooked, if you know what I mean. The game ended in a tie, and I for one was glad we could all just walk off the field happy to have finished.  Alive.  We raced home, fell into the pool, and agreed that although it was refreshing,  86 degrees made it feel like a hotel pool.
I laugh at myself: at the beginning of the summer, I said to Dub "Let's not put the air conditioners in this year.  They're such a pain, they're so loud, and we could save some money."  That lasted through the first day of temps in the 90s, and I did not get in the way of Mr. Dub when he came home from work and started installing the window units.  We don't have enough to keep the whole house cool, so we cool a couple of areas, and gasp for air when we move through the ones without A/C.  Besides trying not to turn on the oven, there was work (teenagers + summer jobs = college money), a lot of weeding, some ground hog warfare, a few social engagements, some retail therapy (I told the girls they are on their own for back-to-school shopping this year; I am happy to take them shopping, but they're earning/spending their own money; it's amazing how much more selective they become when the money comes out of their pockets).  The biggest find was by Mesquite, when she came home with two pairs of really nice jeans for a whopping $4.00.  Thank you, Salvation Army.  We love family day:  everything's half off.
There was also a week long basketball clinic that Leeli and MB participated in.  It was a B-R-U-T-A-L week to be running up and down the court, but these two LOVED it.  
 They worked hard, probably lost a few gallons of body fluid in sweat, and walked away with a couple of nice awards.
Morning Boy won first place in the two-on-two scramble (his partner is the cute red head sitting next to him in the group shot above) for his division
 and Leeli won the coveted Hustle award, for her drive, enthusiasm and HUSTLE.
It was a HOT week for hustling, and they both did great.


Jo Jo said...

Okay, her shorts spoke retail therapy to me through the computer screen! Yeah for more basketball players!

shirlgirl said...

They were brave to play in that heat. But they say that children are resilient--more so than us older folk. Congratulations on their awards.

Aaron H. said...

Now this is a time machine entry. That guy handing E the hustle award has been running bball camps since I was E's age. I have vivid memories of his camp from yesteryear. Good ol' Dimo.

ellen said...

You weren't going to use your air conditioners this summer? Wha?!?